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Here's How To Make A DIY Air Conditioner That Will Actually Keep You Cool

Here's How To Make A DIY Air Conditioner That Will Actually Keep You Cool
Beat the heat for under $60!
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To get enough pressure, you might need to hold the bucket against a wall or the ground. Repeat this step to make three holes in one line across the bucket, about 2 inches apart.
3. Disassemble your fan, unscrewing it from the base.
We had to use the drill as an electric screwdriver for this part, because it was pretty tight. You won't need the base for the rest of the project, so you can just toss it.
4. Take the front face of the fan off, too.
There should be little screws on the back of any fan (so you can take it apart to clean it).
5. Use the front panel of the fan to trace a circle on the bucket lid.
The fan will sit inside this lid, so make sure it's the biggest part of the face you're tracing.
This part is optional (but highly recommended by the aesthetes at BuzzFeed Life). We went with our favorite shade of mint.
8. Then paint your fan and bucket lid a complementary color.
Why not add a little gold to your life?
9. Once it's dry, it's time to assemble!
Put the pipe fittings into the holes. If they're a little loose, you can always use hot glue to keep them in straight. Then, insert your frozen gallon of water into the bucket, and put the lid on.
Tip: It's best to have two frozen gallons of water. This way when one melts, you'll have another frozen one on hand, and you can refreeze the melted one.
10. Put the two sides of the fan back together, then fit the fan front-first into the hole in the lid.