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Heating & Cooling
For 125 consecutive and productive years, Honeywell has set the standard exceptionally high with regards to its expansive series of Heating and Cooling options. Honeywell Heaters employ the latest in technological advances in creating the ideal heater that's renowned for its efficiency and portability. Versatility and an abundance of options can readily be observed with Honeywell's extensive selection of Fans and Air Circulators that display all of the performance and versatility that one may expect from a superior brand. In an effort to save you a substantial sum on your energy bill while servicing as flexiblecooling options, Honeywell Air Coolers and Portable Air Conditioners offer wonderful value and can beutilized in both indoor and outdoor settings. Portable Air Conditioners carry the additional bonus of acting as full-fledged Dehumidifiers. Ceiling Fans designed by the Honeywell brand represent a reliable and altogether intuitive approach to cooling off your surroundings. Lastly, Honeywell Thermostats come in a robust catalogue that highlights accessibility, functionality and precision. Featuring a number of intuitively designed Thermostats that offer Programmable and Non-Programmable units, Honeywell thermostats come in Digital, Wi-FI Enabled, Touch-Screen, Individual Day Selection, Manual and various other accommodating models that cater to your specific requirements. A collection of Thermostat Guards have also been included to bolster security and prevent tampering. When it comes to providing its consumers with a robust selection of options to peruse, Honeywell offers a surplus of Heating and Cooling products that can be utilized within and outside the home.
Portable Air Conditioner Units from the Honeywell brand are fully capable of cooling and dehumidifying the surrounding air. Ideal for indoor or outdoor operation, Honeywell Portable Air Conditioners offer a wealth of versatility and performance exceeding options.
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