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25 Jan 2018

Top informations about compact portable air conditioner

Keeping cool is easy with the NewAir AC-10100E ultra compact portable air conditioner. Offering 10,000 BTUs of cooling capability, it's ideal for providing spot cooling in bedrooms, small apartments, offices and other small spaces. Smart features like..., Rated 4 out of 5 by beachcomber from Good to cool bedroom during SoCal heatwaves SoCal heatwaves are becoming more common at the coast but we don't have enough hot days to warrant the cost of a full house a/c, especially since our old home doesn't have...Get cool fast with the NewAir AC-10100E ultra-compact, portable air conditioner. Capable of cooling rooms up to 325 square feet, this air conditioner is lightweight and easy to move wherever you need it. Its self-evaporating technology eliminates condensation..., This portable air conditioner comes with an easy-to-use remote that lets you access all of its features from just about anywhere and the sleek, ultra-compact design of the AC-10100E makes it very easy to move....

25 Jan 2018

Top informations about cooler air conditioner diy

These homemade air-conditioner designs take the mystery out of cold-air production. Some are complicated, some are cheap and simple, some run on alternative energy, and the last one is so out there that you'll just have to try it. Check out the links..., The California cooler is a revival of an old technology driven by an insight that's overlooked in these days of engineered indoor environments: Cool air keeps things cool. In the days before refrigerators, pantries in Northern California homes had outside...Forget the cute cats and the mom in the Chewbacca mask. One of the most riveting videos on YouTube is about making a homemade air conditioneralso called a bucket air coolerout of a bucket, a fan, and some ice. In the video , which is approaching 12..., Chris Regan, who leads Consumer Reports' A/C testing, built two versions of the homemade air conditionerone from a bucket and one from a Styrofoam coolerfor less than $30 (not including the ice). You can see him at work in the video above, but basically...

25 Jan 2018

Top informations about air conditioner installer

Air conditioning company seeks *WINDOW air conditioner INSTALLERS*. There is heavy lifting of window air conditioners......., Is seeking a lead HVAC installer for residential and small commercial jobs (furnaces and air conditioners). Bethke Heating & air Conditioning, Inc.......Time for a new A/C? There are several factors to consider, starting with what size your home needs. (Photo courtesy of Garick air Conditioning)..., In many parts of the United States, air conditioners aren't just a luxury, but a necessityduring the summer months. Newer central A/C units are quieter, more powerful and more energy efficient than earlier models, and they can offer greater value by...

25 Jan 2018

Top informations about install air conditioner in sliding window

Introduction: Mounting a Standard air conditioner in a sliding window (From the Inside, Without a Bracket)..., Many people have inexpensive air conditioners that are intended to fit into a double-hung (vertically sliding sash) windows and want to use them in horizontally sliding windows. If you already have some of these air conditioners or are attracted to them...Most inexpensive A/C units are designed for vertical sliding windows, which creates a problem if you have horizontal sliding windows. Installing an A/C unit inside of a horizontally sliding window does not have to look bad, and it does not require any..., I can't take responsibility for your installation, theft, break ins, and your A/C falling out of your window....

25 Jan 2018

Top informations about air conditioner refrigerant

Your information is so helpful. Wish I’d seen it before I let this company con me into “topping off” the R22 in my two a.c. units. The company was running a “prep your heating and a.c. systems before the winter” special. Sounded great and quite..., Yes the pressures are double of the r22 for the 410a, that,s why the industry has been swamped with units failing, compressors and coils. the 410a runs at almost double the pressure, most units are designed for 105 degrees so i was running calls for...